Vanguard Laboratories

Love your Lab
Time is Valuable
We understand that the turnaround time is crucial to giving the best care to patients. Vanguard has invested in improved technology that cuts down valuable transition time from the client to the end result. It is instilled in our company that time is of the essence, even at the cost of potential revenue. We promise to continually improve our methods in order to provide quick and accurate results.
You Come First
Improved Customer Experience

We value people over everything else. That's why we assign each new client a go-to representative to help fulfill all your needs. No more waiting on hold for hours, waiting days for email responses, or not knowing who to talk to when you need help. We put more effort in improving the overall experience so that you can keep your effort with the ones who need it most.

“It was the overall flexibility of the solution that sealed the deal for us. We were happy to receive our test and results quickly.

John Doe

Valued Partners

We're stronger together. With the increase in health awareness due to a variety of factors, we at Vanguard are developing and seeking out improved methods of medical diagnostics, and processes, in order to enhance the lives of those we work with. We work hard at developing relationships across the globe that will bring the best technology at your fingertips. We are continually adding partners in the search for better health.