We do the testing so you don't have to

COVID-19 testing 

Vanguard has worked with school districts across the country to provide COVID-19 testing solutions since the beginning of the pandemic. We have dedicated team members who work specifically with school districts and have experience navigating the logistics of testing and reporting for COVID-19. 

Our goal is to provide a sense of confidence for both students and teachers so that they feel safe attending school, work, sports games, dances, club competitions, assemblies, and so many other important activities.

We understand that the needs of every school are different and the regulations on COVID-19 testing can vary wildly district to district. With our experience we are able to help on an individual basis and can offer a range of solutions.

We can provide at home testing supplies, PPE, collectors for onsite testing for teachers and students, or any combination of those services. No matter what your testing needs might be, we can meet those needs with quality solutions. Our school district liaison will help customize your services according to your needs. 

We are the COVID-19 testing professionals so let us take the burden of testing for your school district. 

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